New integrations for Acquia’s digital asset management solution enable marketers to reuse high-quality assets faster across digital channels

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Acquia, the digital experience leader, today announced new integrations for its digital asset management solution, Acquia DAM, that expand its brand management capabilities. These integrations — with Acquia Campaign Studio, Adobe Stock, and Google Translate — reduce the complexity of maintaining a consistent brand experience across digital channels, saving time for marketing and creative teams and helping them get the most value from their content assets.

“Brand leaders today are looking to free up their teams to be more creative and to use digital content assets in new ways,” said Jake Athey, Vice President, Go-To-Market, DAM at Acquia. “These new integrations help customers scale their use of digital content across digital channels and across regions to deliver a better brand experience in less time.”

Acquia DAM is now integrated with Acquia Campaign Studio, the company’s full-scale marketing automation solution. The integration leverages Acquia’s instant search connector tool, so once a user is authenticated in the DAM connector within Campaign Studio, they can search, view, and select the asset of their choice within Campaign Studio’s email and landing page builders. Pictures in email and landing page builders dynamically change when updated in Acquia DAM. With the new integration, marketing teams save time and reduce the chance of using off-brand content. This is particularly valuable for brands that have hundreds or thousands of instances to support franchises or distributors.

An Adobe Stock integration automatically syncs a customer’s newly licensed Adobe Stock assets with Acquia DAM, bringing in essential metadata and offering smoother workflows. Creative pros can choose which types of Adobe Stock assets to monitor and sync, and the integration handles file copying and categorization in Acquia DAM. Integrations with Getty Images and Shutterstock are also available.

Acquia has also integrated Acquia DAM with Google Translate to ensure branded content is accessible, searchable, and relevant for diverse user groups. Customers can now use Google Translate to automatically translate text from selected metadata fields within Acquia DAM. The DAM automatically repopulates these fields with translated content in up to 20 languages.

Acquia DAM may be used as a standalone solution or with content management systems such as Drupal or other products in the Acquia Digital Experience Platform (Acquia DXP).

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